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Cam Newton’s ‘Even Janitor’ line call sparks latest QB audible craze


Cam Newton busted out a new and unique line call while making an audible during last Sunday’s blowout win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it looks like it could spark the latest craze over the wacky things quarterbacks sometimes say at the line of scrimmage.

Video surfaced of the Carolina Panthers signal-caller yelling “Even Janitor” while reading the Bucs defense while operating the no-huddle offense, a phrase so strange it appeared to prompt one of Newton’s teammates to ask, “Is that real,” to which Newton responded, “Yes.”

It turns out it is indeed a real line call, something confirmed by Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula.

“It could mean something one week. It could mean totally nothing the next week,” he said, via Black and Blue Review.

“Obviously, when you’re using the no-huddle and you have to use words and signals and all that kind of stuff, you’ve got to be creative because teams can pick up on that. (Newton’s) got a good imagination.”

When asked if Newton was in fact the person who came up with the “Even Janitor” line, Shula wouldn’t outright confirm it.

“I can’t 100 percent confirm that,” he said. “Somebody on offense. I think it was him, though.”

Beginning with fascination with Peyton Manning’s use of his now-famous “Omaha” call, fans have started paying a lot of attention to the unique phrases, odd terms and tribute gestures quarterbacks use while making checks and audibles at the line. “Even Janitor” is such a strange one it likely will become the latest to take the NFL by storm.

But inquiring minds still want to know: What could “Even Janitor” possibly mean?