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U.S. senators make silly wager on Vikings-Seahawks playoff game


U.S. Senators from Minnesota and Washington have engaged in the traditional wager regarding the outcome of a playoff game, this time being the postseason showdown between the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

And the wager of course involves the proposed exchange of products that make the respective states most proud: Fish and coffee.

Minnesota Democrats Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar are offering up walleye and coffee from Caribou, a chain based in the Twin Cities.

Washington Democrats Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, meanwhile, have wagered salmon and, not surprisingly, Starbucks.

The senators of course engaged in some good-natured smack talk ahead of Sunday’s playoff match-up (via the Star Tribune):

“We went into Lambeau Field last weekend and beat the Green Bay Packers,” Franken said, “and now I’m looking forward to dropping the red-hot Seahawks. Skol!”

A confident Cantwell said, “I am looking forward to enjoying some Minnesota walleye and Caribou coffee after the Seahawks beat the Vikings on their home turf. Though it’s a shame my Minnesota colleagues won’t be able to savor Washington’s world-class salmon or brew some Starbucks coffee. ‎”

Many would argue that the entire business of politicians making wagers based on the outcome of sporting events is trite and unnecessary. And in some ways the notion that distinguished statesmen and stateswomen would engage in such antics is a bit silly. But the practice nevertheless continues and there’s no reason to expect it to end anytime soon.