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Pittsburgh Steelers send thank-you sandwiches to Buffalo Bills (pics)


The Pittsburgh Steelers understand all too well that if it hadn’t been for the Buffalo Bills’ victory over the New York Jets on Sunday, beating the Cleveland Browns would not have mattered as it pertains to punching their ticket for the postseason.

And now the Steelers — with some much-needed assistance of locally based sandwich outfit Primanti Brothers — have thanked the Bills for their invaluable service in a mouthwatering manner.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Primanti Brothers shipped a pallet-load of sandwich kits to the Bills as an expression of Steel City’s gratitude, something the sandwich joint confirmed on Twitter.

Primanti Brothers didn’t hesitate to add a few “Terrible Towels” boxes as well.

The Steelers then took to Twitter to notify the Bills of the impending shipment of sandwiches.

And the Bills later confirmed receipt of the bounty.

Eat up, Bills. While it’s nothing compared to playing in the postseason, it’s certainly a tasty alternative to a job much appreciated.