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Daniel Sedin bloodied, loses teeth after taking puck to mouth (vid)


Vancouver Canucks star Daniel Sedin was left bloodied and missing some teeth after he was struck in the mouth by a puck during Monday’s game against the Arizona Coyotes.

The play occurred late in the first period when Sedin tried to knock a puck down with his stick. After he missed on the connection, Coyotes defenseman Mark Stone swatted at the puck with his glove, sending the disc of frozen vulcanized rubber right into Sedin’s face, sending the Canucks winger immediately to the ice.

If the aftermath wasn’t gory enough, a witness account from the rink indicate teeth could be seen flying out of his mouth. Yeesh.

The incident would occur during Sedin’s last shift of the first period and he was attended to on the bench by a Canucks trainer. But since hockey players are hockey players — some of the toughest athletes on the planet where getting teeth knocked out is considered just part of the job — Sedin was back on the ice at the beginning of the second period.

Oh, and Sedin later would score a goal, too, in Vancouver’s 3-2 loss. Yep, hockey players.

(image via Sportsnet)