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Florida Panthers give game hero ‘Kevin Spacey in Space’ shirt (pic)


The Florida Panthers (46 points) are riding high and sit in first place in the Atlantic Division, something unfamiliar to the perennial cellar dwellers. Given how the team is growing accustomed to winning on a more consistent basis, the Panthers have decided to follow the practice of other NHL squads and hand out a postgame “award” to the hero of the night’s victory.

While WWE-type championship belts and the like have typified such trinkets and/or awards, the Panthers have decided to go “out of this world” (in more ways than one) to celebrate a game’s MVP.

A shirt that depicts actor Kevin Spacey’s disembodied head floating in space (via Puck Daddy).

Alrighty then.

The Miami Herald‘s George Richards decided to do some investigative journalism to get to the bottom of the new and unique practice. For some reason or another, the Panthers players he polled weren’t inclined to divulge the meaning behind the Spacey Kevin Spacey sweatshirt.

The “Spacey in Space” craze in the Panthers locker room even inspired the actor himself to chime in on social media.

And the mystery persists…