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Brandon Weeden: Jerry Jones will watch playoffs from his couch


Brandon Weeden is enjoying a new lease on his NFL career thanks to the Houston Texans picking him up after the Dallas Cowboys waived him following an unsuccessful and unproductive stint as a replacement for the injured Tony Romo.

In light of how Jerry Jones expressed regret over his decision to take a flier on Weeden after excessively lauding his talent at the onset, the quarterback, who has led the Texans to two straight victories, took a shot at the Cowboys boss in light of how his new team will likely play in the postseason and his former team will not.

“Obviously a lot of guys here got my back,” Weeden said in an interview with Oklahoma City’s 107.7, as transcribed by Pro Football Talk. “Nate Washington said some really nice things after last week’s win, which I really appreciated. Everybody here has got my back. They understand how the league works. I think they were just as shocked as I was with some of the things that maybe Jerry or whoever was saying. It was kind of one of those things. But everybody here has my back. When it’s all said and done, that’s really all that matters.”

And Weeden is clearly relishing the chance to have the last laugh, pointing out how the Cowboys and specifically Jones will be watching the playoffs and not playing in them.

“I mean yeah, absolutely,” he said. “That’d be sweet. We get to play extra football and he’ll be watching on his couch. That’s what it’s all about. We’re playing for something.”

Part of what Jones regretted most about sticking with Weeden is how it prevented the from starting Matt Cassel from the onset, as the Cowboys lost every game he started. It warrants pointing out, though, that Dallas has gone 1-6  in games Cassel started, so the Cowboys’ struggles with Weeden at the helm wasn’t solely attributable to him alone.

But what it all boils down to is that Weeden very well could have the last laugh while Jones takes in the postseason action from the disappointing comfort of his home.