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George RR Martin: Blame Josh Norman for Odell Beckham Jr.’s conduct


George R.R. Martin, the author behind the beloved “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga that inspired the television mega-hit, “Game of Thrones,” took to his personal blog this week to weigh in on the Josh Norman-Odell Beckham Jr. fiasco.

And in Martin’s esteemed opinion, the Carolina Panthers cornerback deserves some semblance of blame for how the New York Giants wide receiver went into meltdown mode and conducted himself in a manner that prompted the NFL to suspend him for one game.

The writer — a huge NFL fan in his own right — goes into great detail to make the argument that Norman was the one “who initiated the ugliness,” although he admits that “ODB let himself be provoked, and that’s bad.”

Martin went on to point out that Norman shouldn’t escape blame and slammed the defensive back for how he conducted himself after the game.

“He is not the innocent victim here, and his postgame comments reek of hypocrisy,” Martin said of Norman. “ODB went way too far, agreed, but the dirty stuff began with Norman.”

But in the end, Martin lays blame for the ugliness that occurred during Sunday’s game not only squarely upon the players’ shoulders, but suggests the head coaches for the respective teams bear some of the responsibility as well.

“No one covered themselves with glory yesterday at the Meadowlands (except Cam Newton and Eli Manning). Tom Coughlin should have pulled Odell and sat him down for a while, beyond a doubt. And Ron Rivera should have pulled Norman and sat HIM down. The refs could have ejected ODB, and maybe they should have ejected Norman too. They should CERTAINLY have flagged Norman for the initial inciting incidents. Both players deserve blame for their actions, and they should both get fined.”

It’s hardly surprising that Martin would lean toward blaming Norman and take a slightly pro-Beckham stance in part for what transpired given he’s a dyed-in-the-wool fan of New York football, particularly the Jets — although he has sworn allegiance to the Giants as well.