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Fan uses 175K lights to create Seahawks-themed X-Mas display (vid)


Steven Mish, an obviously dedicated Seattle Seahawks fan with a lot of time on his hands — not to mention little regard for his neighbors — spent over 400 hours putting up 175,000 lights to create a mesmerizing Christmas display in honor of his favorite NFL team.

Boasting team colors, a ginormous Seahawks logo and custom-made music that is synchronized to the light display, the “Hawk House” surely is a delight for visitors and an excessively tormenting bane on the holidays for those who also have homes in the area. Because, you know, it’s really, really, really bright and loud and probably annoying and stuff.

Neighbors have registered complaints over the display to police, arguing that it “poses a safety risk and brings undue traffic to the quiet, suburban neighborhood,” according to Michael Cogle, deputy director of the Kirkland Parks and Community Services Department, per an ABC News report.

While the individual or individuals who designed and put up the holiday display apparently originally funded it on their own, a friend of Mish’s has since launched a GoFundMe page on which donations are requested to help defray the costs associated with such a monumental undertaking.

I am asking for help to keep this going, I know it may seem like much, but you can imagine what the cost of all the LED lights , waterfalls, electricity, heat bill for keeping the doors wide open in the winter.  

The proceeds, will go to try and cover cost of utilities and cost of lights and and all other materials used inside and used to create displays like the giant Seahawk . I know he wants to be able to close off the street to traffic, which again costs money to pay for the street closure. Since they have multiple shows a night it makes for a better atmosphere for immediate neighbors and the viewers.

So far, as of Tuesday morning, $380 of the $30,000 goal has been raised.

Odds are near-certain none of Mish’s neighbors have donated, that’s for sure. For crying out loud, every time Mish fires that bad boy up all the other lights in the neighborhood probably dim for a minute or two.