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Pierre-Paul: Refs did ‘a great job’ handling Norman-Beckham melee


Amid myriad conflicting reports, accusations and outright conjecture in the aftermath of the incidents involving Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr., one group has received near-universal criticism for their role in what transpired: Referee Terry McAulay and his officiating crew.

That is until Jason Pierre-Paul weighed in on how he felt the crew went about their business.

Many have condemned McAulay and company for their arguably bungled handling of the many ugly run-ins between Norman and Beckham Jr. during the Carolina Panthers’ 38-35 win over the New York Giants. But the Giants defensive lineman praised the officiating crew for allowing the two players to remain in the game, despite many suggesting that had the officials got the situation under control early on, it wouldn’t have escalated into such a chaotic situation.

Some have argued that Beckham Jr. deserved to be ejected for his conduct, if not Norman as well. Pierre-Paul disagrees.

“I think it was just two guys, two competitors, going against each other. Both of them are good players and they were battling it out,” Pierre-Paul said, via “At some point you just have to play football. The ref did a great job of letting them play football and not kicking either one of them out. That’s just how it is in the NFL.”

Pierre-Paul also stated he doesn’t believe Beckham Jr. intentionally aimed at Norman’s head during a helmet-to-helmet hit to the Panthers defensive back during the third quarter.

“Like I said, it was two guys going at it, and I can speak for Odell and I can speak for Josh Norman, but at the end of the day just two guys going at it. You don’t want to get in between that, yeah the ref has say so but I did they did a great job not ejecting neither of them, and letting them play it out. At the end of the day it’s going to blow past, and those guys will see each other again and they’ll be cool.”