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Pete Carroll: Staying the course was key to overcoming early struggles


When the Seattle Seahawks stumbled out of the gate to a 2-4 record, many opined it signaled the death knell of the team’s run of recent excellence.

Epic collapses in the fourth quarter, a troubling ineffectiveness out of the usually reliable Russell Wilson and a defense that wasn’t dominating as expected — partly attributable to Kam Chancellor’s contract holdout — were major sources of concern for the stumbling Seahawks, despite the team coming off back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, including one victory.

But despite the observations that head coach Pete Carroll has lost his magical, motivational touch, the Seahawks recovered and rebounded in a big way, winning seven of their next eight games, and currently are in the midst of a five-game winning streak.

Carroll says now that staying the course and remaining true to an organization’s core philosophies helped the team navigate those early season struggles.

“I think giving up on your way, giving up on your philosophy and your approach,” Carrol said Monday, via The Seattle Times. “I don’t think that’s the way to go. I think you’ve got to stay with what you know and stay the course and make it work out for you.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t adapt. You’re always adjusting and adapting, but the main themes that you live by, you need to stay true to it. Teams that try to make a big shift, if they can do it, maybe a team becomes a big passing team and all that, it’ll hold up for a while. But it’s hard to maintain. You need the real foundation of your thinking and your approach so that you can answer your problems and your questions as they come.”

The Seahawks similarly struggled early on last season — albeit not to such an extent — going 3-3 before finding their footing en route to an appearance in Super Bowl XLIX. Considering how the team appears to similarly caught lightning in a bottle this season — led mostly by Russell Wilson’s scorching-hot play of late, there’s no reason to not count the Seahawks one of the favorites to find a spot in Super Bowl 50.