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Matthew Stafford’s wife under fire for selling Lions tickets


After several social media run-ins with disgruntled fans — as well as the media — during a disappointing season for the Detroit Lions, Matthew Stafford’s wife has once again run afoul of the team’s passionate fan base by offering up tickets to the team’s game against the New Orleans Saints on Monday night via StubHub.

Kelly Stafford took to Instagram ahead of the Lions’ visit to the Superdome to post an image of a StubHub listing through which she was trying to sell the tickets.

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“[G]reat seats at MNF?! Lemme know, I have 5 tickets! They are currently on stubhub,” she wrote on Instagram before listing the location of the seats.

The response to her attempt to unload the tickets was vitriolic, to say the least, as evidenced by the condemnation left in comments section of the original social media post.

In a subsequent post to Instagram, Stafford alerted the angry Internet mob that tickets had been sold and also provided explanation for why she was selling them off.

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“Just an FYI: I bought those New Orleans tickets to take my family to the game, but found out at the beginning of this week my grandfather is very ill so I am going home to see him instead,” she wrote.

“So for those of you who said I’m not going because of the season we have had… There is the real reason for you, I hope you’re happy.

“I’m also sorry for being HUMAN and wanting to sell the tickets we purchased because we are not able to go.

“We do a lot for this community and I’m beyond tired of getting badgered for this … get over yourselves.”

Stafford added in the post’s caption that “those WERE NOT players tickets.. I bought them off stubhub weeks ago and have now sold them on stubhub.. And didn’t make any kind of “profit” like some have said. Relax people. Thanks.”