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Gregg Popovich on Tony Hill’s new blonde hairdo: ‘I love it’ (vid)


San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich, as curmudgeonly and old-school as they come, surprisingly stated that he is a big fan of the new blonde hairdo sported by Tony Hill.

“I love it,” he said after the Spurs’ 106-92 victory over Hill’s Indiana Pacers, via ESPN. “I wish I had the guts he has. That could really turn some heads.”

Popovich was spotted saying something to Hill as he passed by the Spurs bench during a break in the action. One would have assumed Pop was trolling his former player, but given his affinity for the hairdo, he probably was complimenting him. Although at the same time, suggesting something takes “guts” to pull off isn’t necessarily a glowing endorsement, either.

Hill was traded by the Spurs to the Pacers in 2011 in exchange for Kawhi Leonard, the 15th overall pick in that year’s NBA Draft. Popovich often has stated he regretted having to deal Hill, but it’s an easy argument to suggest the trade paid huge dividends for the Spurs.

While Popovich loved the new look, Spurs point guard Tony Parker wasn’t quite so sure about it.

“I love Goerge,” he said. “He’s my little brother. But I don’t know about that haircut.”

Now just imagine if Pop did have Hill’s guts and showed up at Spurs practice rocking a similar hairdo. One doesn’t have to reach too far to suggest that Parker wouldn’t know too much about his coach rocking that haircut, either.