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Could DeMarco Murray be deactivated for Sunday’s game?


Between his dwindling lack of touches and a need to deal with some pressing roster needs on the defensive side of the ball, the speculation out the City of Brotherly Love is that the Philadelphia Eagles may have no choice but to deactivate DeMarco Murray for Sunday’s critical showdown with the Washington Redskins.

NJ Advance Media’s Eliot Shorr-Parks writes that Chip Kelly’s back may be against the wall due to injuries to cornerbacks Eric Rowe (concussion)¬†and Byron Maxwell (shoulder). If both players are cleared to play and suit up, the Eagles nevertheless will likely carry five cornerbacks in the gameday lineup to avoid the possibility of being left shorthanded in the defensive backfield.

Simple math dictates that the Eagles would have to trim down roster spots at other positions. Given that Murray only got two of the team’s 19 carries in a demoralizing 40-17 blowout loss to the Arizona Cardinals Sunday, Murray could very well be the odd-man out in the backfield and be sat as a healthy scratch.

“That would leave the Eagles searching for a player to sit, and Murray fits the bill, as he doesn’t play special teams and has clearly been deemed not good enough to get on the field,” Shorr-Parks writes. “Making Murray a healthy scratch would be a tough pill for Kelly to swallow, but given the team’s injury situation, it might be one he has to take.”

Kelly downplayed Murray’s lack of carries in Sunday’s game, as he has on other occasions in recent weeks, when asked how the running back has been reduced to essentially a non-factor.

Further complicating matters — among other things — is that Murray reportedly suffered a huge locker room meltdown after the loss to the Cardinals. One doesn’t need to connect too many dots to ascertain what prompted the outburst, despite Murray having done his best to insist he’s fine with his role in the offense.

Given the notion that Murray could be a healthy scratch overwhelmingly illustrates that hings couldn’t have gone much worse with the Kelly’s offseason mad scientist tinkering and the decision to bring in Murray.