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Baltimore Ravens Twitter: ‘2015 is the Jar Jar Binks of football seasons’


At 4-9, the Baltimore Ravens have suffered through a nightmarish NFL season and are limping toward the merciful end to a disappointing campaign.

At least the folks in the team’s social media department seem to have a retained a dark sense of whimsy about it.

With “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” running roughshod over the box office, the Ravens official Twitter account used its release and the mania surrounding the beloved space opera to interject some gallows humor into a season that can’t get over soon enough.

And they did so by comparing the the Ravens’ first losing campaign since 2007 to the most reviled character ever to slog its way out of the “Star Wars” universe.

Yep, the team compared the 2015 season to none other than Jar Jar Binks.

If one is going to summarize a horrible, atrocious and repulsive thing or experience while invoking a “Star Wars” reference, mentioning Jar Jar Binks is the only way to go. Because if there is a Bad Idea Jeans concept related to “Star Wars” — outside of George Lucas’ overall horrible, overwrought and heavy-handed handling of Episodes I, II and III —  it’s introducing the hated Gungan, arguably the worst part of the three prequel-sequels.

Bravo, Ravens Twitter account. Bravo.