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Wale releases ‘MVP’ track in tribute to Bryce Harper


In tribute of Bryce Harper’s National League Most Valuable Player season, hip hop artist Wale has released a new track (contains explicit lyrics — listener discretion is advised) in honor the Washington Nationals slugger, fittingly entitled, “MVP (Bryce Harper).”

“Got the seats all filled,” raps Wale, as transcribed by D.C. Sports Bog. “I’m the reason y’all here, everybody talking, feel like I’m Bryce Harper.”

There are numerous mentions of other Nationals players on the track, including Gio Gonzalez, Max Scherzer and Jayson Werth. But perhaps the most entertaining passages from the song mentions none other than Jonathan Papelbon, who surprisingly remains on the team despite choking Harper during a dugout skirmish late last season. Wale actually suggests Harper has risen above any bad blood over the incident.

“You know who that’s Papelbon, see that’s my teammate and I’ve got love, and I’ve still got his back because, love in every last hood.”

It’s not the first time Wale, born and raised in D.C., has name-dropped Harper in a track, either. He paid tribute to the Nationals superstar on a 2012 song entitled, “Change Up.”

But speaking solely of “MVP,” there are tributes and then there are tributes. It’s unknown where exactly Harper will place the “MVP” track in the pecking order of honors bestowed upon him in the wake of his NL MVP season, but there’s little doubt he will find it flattering.