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Eli Manning says he’s been working on his touchdown dance


Heads up, Cam Newton: Eli Manning might be finally ready to show you up by showcasing his own touchdown celebration dance.

With the New York Giants slated to face Newton and the undefeated Carolina Panthers Sunday at MetLife Stadium, the topic of celebratory touchdown dances not surprisingly came up — as it has before with QBs set to face Newton — during a discussion with Manning.

And the Giants quarterback showcased his sense of humor — presumably — by stating that his impending showdown with the effervescently dance-happy Newton has inspired him to finally put the finishing touches on his yet-unseen end zone moves.

“I haven’t polished it up yet,” Manning said, via ESPN. “It’s got more work to do. It has been in progress for 12 years. Still a little rusty. Haven’t fine-tuned it quite yet.

“Just when it’s ready, I’ll break it out. A lot of time [spent working on it] in the offseason and Tuesdays doing it, but it doesn’t feel right yet.”

Somehow, that isn’t shocking.

The Giants have plenty of highly skilled dancers on their roster who are perfectly capable of busting an inspiring move in the end zone, most notably the injured Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr., among others.

Manning seems to believe it’s best to leave the dancing to the ones with the talent.

“We have guys who celebrate when they score touchdowns,” he said. “I am fine with it. You get in the end zone, you can celebrate, don’t get a penalty, it’s all good by me. It’s not my style. But I’m not against it.”

Somehow, Manning saying choreographed touchdown dances aren’t his style isn’t really all that shocking, either.