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Cam Newton’s reason for dancing: ‘Because there’s greatness in the air’


First, Cam Newton said his celebratory dancing takes him to “a happy place.” Now the Carolina Panthers signal-caller and MVP candidate has explained the reasons behind his end zone exuberance.

One of the most heavily — and arguably unnecessarily — scrutinized components of the Carolina Panthers’ remarkable run to 13-0 is how Cam Newton has a penchant for celebrating touchdowns with choreographed end zone dances.

Ahead of the Panthers’ showdown with the New York Giants on Sunday, Newton addressed the criticism he and his teammates have received due to how they seem to be enjoying every second of their run at history.

“We’re celebrating because there’s greatness in the air,” Newton said, via The Charlotte Observer. “People are making the most of each and every opportunity that they get, and I hope it never stops – especially this season.”

Newton’s protracted dance moves in the end zone have been the most polarizing aspect of the Panthers’ penchant for celebrating, something that even prompted an angry mother to pen an open letter to the quarterback. But the team as a whole has come under fire as well with some suggesting their antics are disrespectful to their opponents.

Newton maintains that the team has earned the right to go about their business as they see fit and that it would be a different story if the Panthers weren’t enjoying such a successful season.

“I think a lot of it has to do with winning, I can tell you that. If I was doing a lot of things that I’m doing right now when we weren’t winning, I’d be getting (eaten) up and spit back out,” Newton said Wednesday. “Especially with this dancing that some people approve of and some people don’t. I’m human. I understand that winning sweeps a lot of things under the rug.”

Panthers cornerback Josh Norman arguably put it best earlier this week when he suggested if opponents have an issue with how the team conducts itself when winning, there’s an easy solution. Stop them. Simple as that.