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Jets safety Calvin Pryor rocks personalized ‘Star Wars’ shirt (pic)


With “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” about to obliterate box office records upon its release, New York Jets strong safety Calvin Pryor was seen wearing a terrifically fitting t-shirt given the mass hysteria surrounding the eagerly awaited seventh installment of the beloved space opera.

Pryor was spotted this week in the Jets locker room sporting a “Star Wars” shirt that featured an iconic logo that had been personalized in his honor.

The shirt is a mock-up of “The Empire Strikes Back” logo, but instead read “The EmPryor Strikes Back.” And instead of “Star Wars,” it had “Star Island” emblazoned upon it, which is a play upon Pryor’s @star_island25 Twitter handle.

Talk about a convergence of remarkable similarities between his name and the second installment (in terms of release date) of the “Star Wars” saga. Pryor? Empire? And how about the name of the beloved space opera and his social media handle? Star Wars? Star Island? Crazy.

In any event, Pryor said a Jets fan approached him and asked if it would be okay to create the shirts. The safety gave his blessing and here we are. Pryor says he plans to give out “The EmPryor Strikes Back” shirts to his teammates. One has to wonder how many “Star Wars” fanboys are on the Jets roster. Hmm.

Imagine if Pryor actually was a huge fan of the “Star Wars” franchise. Which he says he isn’t. But it’s still cool. Sorta.

(image via Saed Hindash/Twitter)