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CC Sabathia on staying sober: ‘I’m always going to be recovering’


It was a shocking development to say the least when just before the New York Yankees were set to play in the AL Wild Card Game, it was announced that C.C. Sabathia would not be joining his teammates as he had decided to seek in-patient treatment for alcohol abuse.

Now, several months later, Sabathia states he has maintained his sobriety since his stint in rehab and is looking forward to getting his life — and professional baseball career — back on track.

“I think that was the biggest thing, is that it’s not a secret anymore,” Sabathia said, via “I’m able to get help with different people. I think if people see my personality change or things changing, then they’ll be able to help me.”

It was reported at the time of his announcement he would seek treatment that a weekend-long bender in Baltimore during the Yankees’ final road trip of the regular season served as the impetus to Sabathia finally realizing he needed help.

Shortly after his announcement, Sabatahia was spotted at Silver Hill Hospital, a costly and celebrity friendly rehab facility in New Canaan, Conn, something that indicated he had quickly embarked upon his road to recovery.

Sabathia now says he fully recognizes he is in the “early stages” of his recovery and that he has a sponsor who he checks in with regularly and will continue to do so during the baseball season.

Still, the pitcher understands all too well that he has a long road ahead of him if he intends to maintain his sobriety.

“I’m always going to be recovering,” he said. “But I have the support of my family, my organization, my team, friends, so I feel pretty good about where I’m at.”

In the statement released in October announcing he would be seeking treatment, Sabathia said he hoped “to take control of my disease” and that he wanted “to be a better man, father and player.”

It appears he’s at least on his way to doing just that.