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Pete Carroll cracks joke about atop-locker postgame speech


The Seattle Seahawks are rolling right along and getting hot at the right time as the team continues to solidify its spot in the postseason chase. And Pete Carroll wanted let his team know about it, no matter the obstacles presented by the visitors’ locker room at M&T Bank Stadium.

Following the team’s 35-6 throttling of the Baltimore Ravens for Seattle’s fourth-straight win, the Seahwawks’ official Twitter account posted a photo of Carroll standing atop a row of lockers while addressing the team.

It turns out there is a reasonable explanation for the unorthodox speaking spot, says Carroll. In fact, he attributed it to gamesmanship on behalf of NFL teams in the cramped way in which visitor’s locker rooms are often designed.

“It seems like the design is very humble kind of setups, very small, and usually segmented,’’ he said, via The Seattle Times. “You’re either competing or you’re not.

“We have to figure out a way,’’ he continued. “At the end of the game, when there’s so much stuff, they’re getting ready to load everything up, there’s not as much freedom. … there’s not as much area to move around, so it gets even more restricted than early. It wasn’t really that big of a problem. I think we were kind of in the foyer on the way out. That’s all that was.”

Regarding how he managed to scale the lockers in order to give a proper postgame speech, Carroll cracked wise about his agility.

“I did that in one leap,” he said. “A single bound.’’