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Marine hoping Ronda Rousey doesn’t stand him up at ball


Ronda Rousey made a United States Marine’s day earlier this year when she agreed to be his “date” for the Commandant’s Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

But a lot has happened since that fall day — including her shocking loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 that left her bruised, battered, beaten and bummed out — and things apparently remain up in the air regarding their agreed-upon plans.

The ball is scheduled for Friday night in suburban Washington D.C., and the problem is Jarrod Haschert, the Marine who flattered Rousey — his “celebrity crush,” as he put it — with his heartfelt invite originally posted on Facebook in August.

Haschert last week posted a message on Facebook in which he states he is unsure if Rousey is going to make it to the ball but expressed hope she’ll show up.

“For everyone that keeps asking me and that is interested. Our Marine Corps ball is next Friday and no I still haven’t talked to Ronda yet,” he wrote. “I’m not worried about anything I’m sure she still has good intentions of coming and I am very excited. Thank you for all your help and support of getting her attention.”

Haschert’s mother also confirmed in a radio interview this week that her son hasn’t heard anything from Rousey, reports.

Since accepting the invite, Rousey has begun dating MMA fighter Travis Browne. But she indicated that wouldn’t have any impact on joining Haschert at the ball.

Rousey, who is still nursing her wounds — both physical and mental — stemming from the beating she took from Holm — was spotted on Wednesday and Thursday out and about in Los Angeles, once with Browne and another time with Nick Cassavetes, who is slated to direct the Rousey-starring “Road House” remake.

Rousey obviously can easily make a trip from one coast to the other in time for the ball. Whether she honors her commitment or extenuating circumstances prevent her from making an appearance remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Rousey has since confirmed she will in fact be joining Haschert at the ball, telling TMZ she’d probably be “crying and eating ice cream” on her couch if it wasn’t for the invite.