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Scott Boras: Nationals will have to initiate Bryce Harper extension talk


Superagent Scott Boras held court Wednesday at the annual MLB Winter Meetings and indicated any discussions concerning an extension for client Bryce Harper will have to be initiated by the Washington Nationals.

The 23-year-old reigning NL MVP is not due to hit free agency until 2018, so Boras said any talk of an extension isn’t of the utmost importance at this point in time.

“I think those are club dynamics,” Boras said, via Nats Insider, by way of Hardball Talk.“Whenever any team approaches me about any player, obviously we have dialogue with them. But at this point in time, Bryce is going to be there for three more years, very happy there. So we’ll just go forward.”

There has been no indication of any talks occurring between Harper and the Nationals, and Boras typically prefers not to have his clients sign extensions before becoming a free agent. But Boras is setting the stage for what could be a record-breaking deal for a player who will only be 26 in 2018 and entering the prime of his career on top of what he already has accomplished.

“I think with each player like that, you have generational players, I think each organization is going to have its own philosophy about how they handle him and what they do,” Boras said. “So that’s really something I’m sure the brain trust of the Nationals have to sit down and look at. And when they have a plan, we’ll let you know.”

To put it plainly, Boras is positioning himself and his client for a monster payday in a few years. Barring any unforeseen developments, biding their time will only make Harper that much more valuable to the Nationals. And if not them, some other team will be more than willing to break the bank on a “generational player” like Harper. Boras will of course make sure of that much.