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DeMarco Murray tight-lipped about meeting with Eagles owner


DeMarco Murray didn’t reveal much on Thursday concerning the nature of the conversation he had with Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie during a team flight following Sunday’s victory over the New England Patriots, despite the fact he was grilled with questions about it.

Surrounded by a sizable contingent of media members, Murray turned back question after question volleyed at him about the controversial conversation with answers of little substance, as chronicled by

What did he and Lurie talk about?

“That is between Mr. Lurie and myself.”

Was the meeting by chance or did he approach Lurie?

“We sit next to each other on the flights.”

Does he feel promises made to him when he signed were broken?

“I’m not talking about anything like that.”

Was it about his frustrations in the offense?

“We had a conversation between Mr. Lurie and myself. It was between us two.”

Murray eventually did relent, speaking more at length at the frustration caused by having only 14 carries in Sunday’s win, considering his competitive nature.

“Obviously we won the game, so I was happy for that, but I think every player wants the opportunity to contribute to the team,” he said. “Especially me as a competitor. I want to the chance to go out there and do what I can to help. It was a little different.”

Despite saying he’s “very happy” with the Eagles, he said nothing to quell the belief that he is extremely frustrated with how he is being used by Chip Kelly in the offense, nor did he quell rumors circulating that he’s attempting to force his way out of Philly so he can effectuate a reunion with the Dallas Cowboys.

Murray essentially attributed the cause of his recent frustrations to the team’s struggles, in particular its recent three-game losing streak. But the manner in which he did so certainly won’t hinder continued speculation concerning his perceived unhappiness over a season that has been an utter disappointment.