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Chip Kelly apologizes to LeSean McCoy over handling of trade


With the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles squaring off Sunday, the rhetoric surrounding the months-long feud between LeSean McCoy and Chip Kelly has reached a fever pitch this week. And Kelly on Thursday did his best to settle down the situation by apologizing to McCoy over how his trade to the Bills this past offseason was handled.

“It wasn’t handled that way, and I understand why he isn’t happy about that,” Kelly said, via “And I apologize about that. It didn’t happen the right way.”

Kelly went on to explain how things went so awry, specifically how details of the trade that shipped McCoy to Buffalo in exchange for Kiko Alonso was leaked, pointing out that the running back had every right to be upset.

“We were told the trade wasn’t going to be initiated until the next morning,” he said. “So there were no phone calls to be made. Then all of the sudden I’m driving to an event (and it breaks that) he’s been traded. I felt bad. I called him, he didn’t answer my phone call. I know he was pissed. And he should be pissed. Rightfully so. And every player that ever left this team, I talked to them personally.”

McCoy quickly expressed his displeasure with the Eagles organization in the wake of the offseason trade, specifically taking shots at Kelly that intimated the coach could be a racist by saying he got rid of “all the good black players” on the team.

The back-and-forth — especially from McCoy — continued throughout the season, with this week’s game providing for an environment for heightened tension. McCoy this week at one point even attempted to mellow the situation, arguing he never called Kelly a racist in the first place. But the handshake comments followed, which then prompted Kelly’s apology.

Perhaps this week’s game and all the drama will help end the feud once and for all.