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Tom Brady feels ‘fresh as lettuce’ despite recent spate of hits


Tom Brady insists he feels fine despite taking a pounding of late, especially in the New England Patriots’ three most recent games. In fact, to prove it, he likened himself to a piece of crispy produce to explain his current condition.

“Fresh as lettuce,” he said with a smile, per WEEI.

Brady has faced the daunting task in recent weeks of getting the Patriots offense back on track while it faces a litany of injuries, specifically those to Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski, who were his favorite remaining targets in the Patriots’ already undermanned receiving corps.

The veteran signal-caller ascribes some of the blame for the punishment he’s been taking of late to his inability to get the ball out quickly, which is perfectly understandable given the aforementioned injury woes impacting his targets in the passing game.

“Ideally you’d always like to get the ball on time in the pass game,” he said. “Whether it’s some things we’ve done schematically or the opposing team has done schematically has forced us or caused us to hold the ball a little bit longer. I wish we would just be able to stay in rhythm. Every offense would love that. Judging by the results, I need to get the ball out quicker.”

Brady has been hit a total of 32 times in the last three games — the last two of which were losses — while getting sacked eight times as well. This represents an uncommon amount of punishment for Brady, who usually remains upright more often than not due to the quick-hitting, precision passing game the Patriots employ.

But Brady says it’s up to him to get the ball out on time and find the targets available, regardless of injuries and the resulting unknown commodities currently running routes for him. This challenge becomes all the more daunting with J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans defense up as the Patriots’ next challenge on Sunday night.

In other words, Brady could very well be feeling like rotting Romaine come the end of Sunday’s game.