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McDonald’s sending 100 burgers to Vikings coach Mike Zimmer


McDonald’s is doing it best to make amends to Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer over a drive-thru mishap earlier this week by sending him 100 free burgers.

Zimmer revealed on Tuesday how he got shortchanged a cheeseburger at a McDonald’s drive-thru on Monday, a day after the Vikings were whipped 38-7 on Sunday by the Seattle Seahawks and he and the coaching staff slept at the team’s facilities afterward.

“I went to McDonald’s on the way home because I was hungry and ordered two cheeseburgers and I only got one. That’s the kind of week it’s been,” Zimmer said, via the Star Tribune.

Zimmer was asked why he didn’t play the “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” card to get the situation rectified. He used the question to interject a bit of gallows humor in the somber wake of his team’s blowout loss.

“They probably did,” he quipped. “That’s probably why I only got one.”

To make things right, the official Twitter account of McDonald’s Minnesota issued a mea culpa on Wednesday morning after hearing about the Vikings head coach being slighted and offered to send some free grub the Vikings’ way.

The Vikings face a formidable task coming off the tough loss with a short week and a road game against the 10-2 Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night. Perhaps a little McDonald’s before the team heads west will get the team “lovin’ it” again.