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Brandon Marshall’s wife weighs in on Cullen Jenkins insulting her


Brandon Marshall’s wife, Michi, made an appearance on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” this week and weighed in on a taunt made by Cullen Jenkins at her expense during the New York Jets’ 23-20 victory over the New York Giants Sunday.

Marshall and Jenkins mixed it up during a play near the end of the first half after the Jets wide receiver said the Giants defensive end “disrespected” his wife.

“Well, I didn’t know what happened until afterward,” she said on the show, via “Even the next day, I got a text [regarding¬†Marshall confronting Jenkins] that said, ‘Oh, it’s so sweet.’ It’s like: What happened? But I will say, chivalry is not dead, and I’m happy about that. But because it wasn’t a detriment to the team, I’m OK with it.”

Marshall pointed out after the game that Jenkins apologized personally during the game upon learning he was married, saying the Giants player even contacted him on Monday to make continued amends.

“Hey, crime of passion, man,” Marshall added on “Inside the NFL. “Listen, there are some things that are off limits on the football field. And I think talking about guys’ kids and wives is off limits. But I have to say, Cullen Jenkins is a stand-up guy. He not only apologized during the game, but he called me [Monday] and also apologized again.”

Marshall after the game characterized the comments made by Jenkins to be “off-limits.”

Given Jenkins apologized on multiple occasions and Marshall indicating it is all water under the bridge, it seems the issue has been resolved amicably. And Marshall even received praise from his wife of five years for his impassioned defense of her honor.