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Stephen Curry on his new toilet: It ‘just makes me happy in life’


Stephen Curry suggested a new automatic toilet his wife purchased for him earlier this season has had a positive impact upon his play during the Golden State Warriors’ unprecedented march to a 22-0 record.

The entire pontificating upon his new toilet all started with a tweet from back in November in which Curry proudly announces how much he loves the new addition to his bathroom.

Among for serious inquiries related to his phenomenal season thus far, Curry recently was asked about his new throne by ESPN’s Sam Alipour.

“Oh, man, that toilet just makes me happy in life,” Curry said. “I bet if I did a case study on my performance since I got that toilet, you’d see the difference. I was in Minnesota when Ayesha told me about it. And the next day I had 46 [points]. There’s a reason for that.”

Fortunately, Pro Basketball Talk’s Dan Feldman actually performed a case study on Curry’s performance since getting the new automated toilet:

  • Curry with his old toilet: 32 points per game on 52% shooting, 45% on 3-pointers
  • Curry with his new toilet: 33 points per game on 54% shooting, 48% on 3-pointers

While a small increase across the board, it’s a statistically significant improvement, perhaps? But how does it help him when the Warriors are on the road? Can there be that much of a residual effect?

Either way, if Curry wants to claim that the toilet for making him happier and in turn allows him to play better, so be it. Who are we mere mortals to argue?