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Broncos’ Chris Harris rips Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, praises Andrew Luck

Chris Harris took potshots at both Tom Brady and Philip Rivers while praising Andrew Luck in response to the conduct by both superstar quarterbacks during and after their respective teams’ losses to the Denver Broncos.

Harris was reacting to how both Brady complained about officiating and Rivers lost his cool in recent losses to the Broncos and their top-ranked defense.

“How it all played out, I guess I was just pretty pissed off, at obviously the final outcome, just how the last 20 minutes of the game played out,” Brady fumed after the New England Patriots’ 30-24 loss to the Broncos in Week 12.

Rivers, meanwhile, had an exchange with Broncos linebacker Vonn Miller during the San Diego Chargers’ 17-3 loss in Denver on Sunday.

Harris ripped both Brady and Rivers while pointing out that Luck has been the only quarterback who hasn’t engaged in such behavior.

“He sounds like Brady and a lot of other quarterbacks that we’ve faced this year,” he said of Rivers on Monday, via The Denver Post. “The same way that they scream and yell at the officials after our guys hit them, it’s something that’s happened all year. The only guy that didn’t cry was Andrew Luck. He was like, ‘Great hit, great hit.’”

Luck suffered a lacerated kidney and partially torn abdomen in a 27-24 win over the Broncos on Nov. 8, so for Harris to credit Luck for how he handled himself during the game is indeed impressive.

The Colts signal-caller has been  known to befuddle opponents with excessive kindness after hard hits, so Harris’ complimentary take on the quarterback falls in line with that reputation.