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Tigers’ Jordan Zimmermann upsets fans with pro-Packers tweet


Jordan Zimmermann has been with the Detroit Tigers for only a few short days after signing a five-year, $110 million contract. Unfortunately, he’s already found himself on the local fans’ bad side due to some social media activity in which he celebrated the Green Bay Packers’ stunning 27-23 win over the Detroit Lions.

Zimmermann took to Twitter shortly to commemorate Aaron Rodgers’ desperation 61-yard Hail Mary pass that was pulled in by Richard Rodgers on an untimed down after a controversial facemask penalty on the Lions.

The response from Lions fans? Not good, as the following tweet was one of the less tame responses Zimmermann received.

Zimmermann, a native of Auburndale, Wisc. who also attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, understandably is a big-time Cheesehead. But even he should have recognized beforehand how Detroit fans would view his tweet.

The right-handed pitcher eventually recognized the folly of his tweet, returning to Twitter to issue a mea culpa of sorts, although he didn’t apologize for being a Packer-Backer.

Hopefully, the fans will forgive Zimmermann for his social media, celebratory transgression. Pitching at a level his mega-contract demands probably would be a good start.

Interestingly, Zimmermann isn’t the only Tigers player to draw the ire of Detroit fans for tweeting a reaction to the Lions’ shocking loss. Justin Verlander took to Twitter as well and got hammered for his thoughts. And he was actually expressing disappointment in the loss. But that didn’t stop a Tigers fan to rip Verlander — “How about you guys stop sucking?” the fan tweeted.

Verlander wasn’t having any of it.

Perhaps Verlander should provide some support for his new teammate.