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La La Anthony: Kristaps Porzingis has ‘earned’ a dinner invite


Kristaps Porzingis is quickly becoming the toast of the Big Apple due to the impressive start of his rookie season. And because of that, La La Anthony, the wife of New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, says the young phenom has earned the right to share a toast at the couple’s dinner table.

“I’m going to invite him over soon. I think he’s earned his way to a spot at our dinner table,” she told TMZ.

La La also apparently digs the 20-year-old Latvian’s sense of style.

La La says in the video that her husband has even tried to learn some of Porzingis’ native tongue, although the New York Post notes that she calls it “Lativian,” not Latvian. There are worse things.

Either way, the fact that Anthony is putting forth the effort to make his new teammate feel comfortable is great, especially given the awkwardly inauspicious way they made their acquaintance.

To get such a compliment from a fashionista of La La’s caliber should be quite flattering for Porzingis. After all, this is a guy who sported cornrows as a youngster because, as he put it, “All the girls loved it.”

But his ascension to budding NBA superstar is not without merit. In 19 games, Porzingis has averaged 13.8 points, 9.3 rebounds, 2 blocks and several highlight reel-worthy plays.

And now he should expect a dinner invite from the Anthonys. Not too shabby.