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Jerry Jones: Cowboys keeping Tony Romo on roster for playoffs


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones explained the reasoning behind the team electing to keep Tony Romo on the active roster. And his explanation is compelling, to say the least.

Jones insists the team wants to keep Romo — out with his second broken clavicle this season — eligible to play in case the 3-8 Cowboys makes the playoffs.

“Let’s just put it like this, we didn’t deactivate Tony for a reason, and that is if we should get to the playoffs, then he would be available for us in the playoffs,” Jones said during a Friday appearance on 105.3 The Fan, via the Cowboys official site. “I’m speaking for myself. Jason Garrett, of course, would be the ultimate decision-maker, but one of the reasons we thought using a roster spot is so that he could be available for the playoffs.”

Regardless of the mathematical and logistical unlikelihood of the Cowboys actually qualifying for the playoffs, it’s worth noting that the first time Romo broke his collarbone, it kept him out for seven games that also included a bye week.. That means he was incapable of playing for over eight weeks.

With only five weeks remaining in the regular season — paired with the fact Romo suffered his most recent injury just over one week ago — it would appear the quarterback would have to make a miraculous recovery simply to suit up at some point in the playoffs.

Additionally, it would conceivably require Matt Cassel — winless in his four starts — to not only lead the Cowboys to five consecutive victories (and get a lot of help) but also possibly win a playoff game as well.

But should the inconceivable happen and the Cowboys make the playoffs, wouldn’t it be difficult for the team to pull a presumably red-hot Cassel for a rusty Romo?

“Well, I think if Tony can play, he’d be the starting quarterback, without question,” Jones said.

Even with how myopically positive — or delusional — Jones has been about the Cowboys’ postseason prospects throughout the team’s nightmarish injury ordeals this season, his reasoning behind keeping Romo on the roster for the playoffs takes it to another level.