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Rex Ryan had a wild scheme to get J.J. Watt to fall to Jets in draft


Given his brash persona, it seems there aren’t many schemes, gambits or otherwise that Rex Ryan arguably wouldn’t be willing to try in order to gain an advantage or have something go his way. And a story relayed by Houston Texans defensive dynamo J.J. Watt showcases just how dastardly nefarious Ryan (jokingly) can be at times.

Speaking to Buffalo reporters on a conference call ahead of the Texans-Bills showdown Sunday, Watt claimed that Ryan informed him of a plot he wanted to hatch to make sure the Wisconsin Badgers standout plummeted to 30th in the 2011 NFL Draft so the New York Jets could land him.

“I sat down there and he kind of real casually — the whole thing was real casual — and he just said, ‘Hey, man, you’re gonna be gone by the time we get to pick, so here’s what we’re gonna do: We’re gonna put out a fake medical report that you have some sort of disease,” Watt recalled, via ESPN. “I don’t know what it is, whatever, we’ll make it up. And you’re gonna drop, but we’ll pay you like you’re up there [in the first round].

“So it was a funny little thing with Rex but something that I’ll always remember about the combine. It was kind of a nice compliment to hear from an NFL coach when you’re a college kid.”

Watt of course was drafted 11th overall by the Texans, the jokingly constructed ruse never was employed and we have yet another great story about the incorrigible Rex Ryan.

“It was never at any point serious,” Watt insisted.