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Gophers’ Peter Mortell names himself ‘Holder of the Year’


It’s coming up on end-of-the-season awards time in college football at-large and within the many conferences. While the quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and standout defensive players and such will be lauded with accolades and awards, the true unspoken heroes of the gridiron who handle the gritty, less heralded duties on a football team often are completely ignored.

Well, Minnesota Gophers holder Peter Mortell isn’t going to stand idly by and allow his contributions to his team go unnoticed. So, the redshirt senior punter/holder went out and gave himself an award by declaring himself the “Holder of the Year.”

Mortell took to Twitter to proudly tout his self-given title.^tfw

Hey, whatever works, right? Although it would have been nice had Mortell thrown some glory and gratitude towards long snapper Payton Jordahl’s way. Without his steady work, Mortell never would have been named “Holder of the Year.” Probably.