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Eric Decker’s wife details how she routinely manscapes him


Eric Decker’s wife Jessie James never shies away from speaking her mind and divulging private details about the couple’s married life that can sometimes trespass into the territory of “Too Much Information.” But she may have outdone herself with her recent tale about how she is heavily involved with her New York Jets wide receiver husband’s grooming habits.

The Deckers made an appearance on ESPN’s “His and Hers” Wednesday and the discussion really took a bizarre turn.

“Sometimes, I will like to design something very special for Eric and I make him go to the locker room when they take showers to show it off, if you know what I mean,” she said, via “He’s a married man so obviously he doesn’t worry too much about that and the grooming situation, but sometimes I like to get a little creative.”

But that wasn’t everything she had to say about her hubby. During a discussion about her preference for Decker to be shirtless, she dropped this truth-bomb of awkwardness.

“As soon as I saw him naked, I had a ‘no clothes’ rule in our house,” she said. “But now that we have children, he has to keep his pants on.”

Well, that’s good.

Of course, Decker’s better half is no stranger to speaking out about her husband, although not in such uncomfortably humorous ways as this latest instance. When Decker became the target of Jets fans’ ire on social media, she fired back at all the “haters” on Twitter.

She also once revealed that Decker was “depressed” over the Jets’ miserable 2014 season, prompting the wide receiver to come to his wife’s defense, something he has felt inclined to do on occasion.

In other words, perhaps her providing intimate details of the experimental manscaping she does upon her husband isn’t such a bad thing.