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Topps announces upcoming release of ‘Bull Durham’ series (pic)


Topps took to Instagram on Tuesday to cryptically announce that it intends to release a card series inspired by the classic baseball film, “Bull Durham.”

The post features a card of “Crash Davis,” the journeyman catcher portrayed by Kevin Costner in the 1988 flick that co-starred Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.


“Looks what’s coming to 2016 Topps Archives!” the Instagram post reads. The card appears to be autographed by Costner, himself. Whether or not some cards in the series may actually feature the actual actor’s signature or simply facsimiles is unknown at this point, but given the downward trajectory of Costner’s acting career, let’s just say that his autograph was worth far more when “Bull Durham” was released than it is now.

Odds are certain Ebby “Nuke” LaLoosh and Annie Savoy — the characters portrayed by Robbins and Sarandon — will be included in the set. What characters will be included in the series beyond the three mentioned remains to be seen. But there certainly are several compelling possibilities, especially Larry Hockett, as portrayed by Robert Wuhl.

Topps is no stranger to using pop culture to inspire the creation of baseball card. After all, the company created a card solely to celebrate the hilarious awfulness of 50 Cent’s horrific first pitch earlier this year.

Further, Topps previously released a card series based entirely upon another revered baseball flick, “Major League,” back in 2014. Expect the company to try to appeal to fans of baseball-based films with a “Field of Dreams” or “Eight Men Out” series sometime in the future. But no “Summer Catch” or another Costner-starring baseball movie vehicle, “For the Love of the Game.” And definitely not “Ed,” a movie about a baseball-playing chimpanzee. That would be ridiculous.