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Carolina fan Stephen Curry: Warriors will lose before Panthers


Stephen Curry spent much of his formative years growing up in North Carolina while his NBA-playing father starred with the Charlotte Hornets. So it comes as little surprise that Curry is a huge fan of the Carolina Panthers, who like his Golden State Warriors, remain undefeated in their regular-season campaigns.

And Curry hopes his beloved Panthers (11-0) don’t suffer their first loss until long after the record-breaking Warriors (19-0) lose their first game.

But the Warriors sharpshooter, back in his old stomping grounds for a showdown Wednesday night with the Charlotte Hornets, said it would be just fine if neither team suffered a loss until February.

“So that means the Panthers get their Super Bowl win,” Curry said following the Warriors’ Wednesday shootaround, via ESPN.

Curry, a fan of the Panthers since their inception in 1995, frequently affiliates himself with the team and boasts Cam Newton as one of pals. He’s taking in the Panthers’ impressive run through the regular season from afar, but certainly is enjoying it.

And if both the Warriors and Panthers remain undefeated until February? That would mean the NBA team would be an utterly stupefying 48-0 and the NFL squad would be 19-0 and crowned Super Bowl champions.

“Who knows?” Curry said. “Nobody thought we could start 19-0. Why not keep it going? There’s a lot of great talent in this league. We’re obviously probably not going to go 82-0, but you want to approach each game that way and see what happens.”

And should the Panthers reach Super Bowl 50, which just so conveniently will be played on Feb. 7 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., not far from the Warriors home base?

“We have a day off there, too,” he said. “No pressure.”

(image via Stephen Curry/Instagram)