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Kobe Bryant on ‘bad’ media coverage: ‘I would never whine’


Kobe Bryant clearly doesn’t take the negative media coverage he has been subjected to of late as personally as Kevin Durant.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar, on his NBA career farewell tour that featured a stop Tuesday in his hometown for a game against the Philadelphia 76ers, said he isn’t really bothered by media coverage, good or bad.

“Listen, I don’t budge on that stuff,” Bryant said after the Lakers’ 103-91 loss to the Sixers in which he put up another woeful shooting performance, via ESPN. “I appreciate the good stuff. I appreciate the bad stuff. I would never whine, ‘Oh, you’re being too hard on me, please stop.’ That wouldn’t even sound like me.”

Durant made waves earlier this week when he castigated the media for its unflattering coverage of Bryant of late, saying in part, “I’ve been disappointed this year because you guys treated him like [expletive].”

Bryant, meanwhile, insists he takes something from both positive and negative coverage.

“I sincerely appreciate the bad as much as I do the good, and hopefully the players coming up now understand that — understand that it’s a journey, it’s a cycle, you can’t take things personal,” he said. “You’ve got to roll with it. It’s all good.”

LeBron James also disagreed with Durant’s assertion that the media has treated Bryant poorly — especially during the last few seasons, when the Lakers star suffered several injury-plagued campaigns — and the fact that many media members and pundits have harshly criticized Bryant over to his poor play so far this season hasn’t hastened the unflattering portrayals of an athlete being beaten down by Father Time in the twilight of his career.

Still, every athlete, no matter their success, championship pedigree or otherwise, is prone to receiving negative media coverage from time to time. In his 20 years in the NBA, there are few players who understand that better than Bryant.