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Bride in gown at Wild game eats burger for ‘wedding finale’ (vid)


A happily, recently married couple attended last Saturday’s Minnesota Wild-Dallas Stars game as part of their “wedding finale.” And the groom and his blushing bride, who was fully regaled in her gown, have become viral phenomenons after she was caught on camera munching on a burger.

Erica Skuta, a former Minnesota resident, and Lewis Blake, a New Zealand native, enjoyed a whimsically sweet moment when the groom thoughtfully dabbed the bride’s chin as she enjoyed her arena concession fare.

Blake, hoping to get the newlyweds’ “wedding finale” on the Jumbotron at one point held up a sign that read, “I flew 8,044 miles from New Zealand to be at this game (and to get married).” But the couple’s detour to Xcel Energy Center has attracted much more attention than that.

FOX Sports North, the Wild’s local affiliate, posted video of the couple and it has garnered over 96,000 views on YouTube.

“I was kind of terrified when I first learned I was eating a cheeseburger on TV,” Skuta said, via a Star Tribune report. “The response has been insane.”

But for a young lady who grew up in the aptly named “State of Hockey,” chowing down on a hamburger while taking in all the action on an NHL rink with her husband shortly after one’s wedding is perfectly fitting … in a Minnesotan kind of way.

(image via FOX Sports North/YouTube)