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Jameis Winston has sideline rant about ‘(expletive) sheep’ (video)


Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie quarterback Jameis Winston was caught on camera making a profane sideline rant about lions and “(expletive) sheep” during or before Sunday’s 25-12 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

It’s unclear from the footage captured by Tampa NBA affiliate WFLA when exactly Winston went off, nor is the inspiration behind it. But the Bucs quarterback clearly is pumped up over something and wanted to tell a teammate, who appears to be practice squad wide receiver Evan Spencer, all about it.

WARNING: Video obviously contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

“Lions do not accept opinions of f—ing sheep, okay? He’s a sheep,” Winston yells after removing his helmet.

Interestingly, the line appears to be a reference to a scene from “Game of Thrones” where Tywin Lannister lectures his son Jaime while using a similar line.

Given the nature of the game and how it played out, it’s not surprising Winston — who went 20-for-36 passes for 245 yards to go with one touchdown and one interception — was emotional and frustrated. As noted, it’s unclear in Winston’s rant who exactly are the lions and who are the sheep.

But after stringing two wins together in previous weeks to get the team to .500, the loss to the Colts certainly was disappointing, especially given how well Winston has played recently after stumbling out of the gate while experiencing expected rookie-related issues and challenges.