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Josh McCown laments how he got job back from Johnny Manziel


Josh McCown recently discussed at length the manner in which he regained the starting quarterback job with the Cleveland Browns, lamenting how Johnny Manziel’s off-the-field issues contributed to it while also expressing confidence that the second-year QB still can enjoy a successful career in the NFL.

McCown will be under center for Monday night’s tilt with the Baltimore Ravens, but only after video surfaced on Manziel allegedly partying during the Browns’ bye week, an incident that arose after Manziel vowed not to be a distraction for the team.

“You never want to regain a job this way, so to speak,” McCown said, via Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Mary Kay Cabot. “It’s not just Johnny. If any teammate were to go through that, you’d be not disappointed in them, but for them. You don’t want to see anyone going through something like that. We’re in that room together, and we want the best for people. When you feel like the best thing isn’t happening, it doesn’t give you a good feeling. It’s just hard to process.”

Manziel has been relegated to third-string quarterback duties in light of his alleged bye week activities, and perhaps even more so due to reports that he misled the team regarding what exactly occurred. When reports first surfaced about the footage in question, Manziel suggested that “Videos can be old.” It appears that he continued along that line with subsequent discussions with the team, although Browns head coach Mike Pettine downplayed the notion that the young quarterback’s career with the Browns is nearing its end

McCown expressed sympathy for Manziel, but insisted his off-field issues are attributable to his youth and can be rectified, calling Manziel’s career a “work in progress.”

“My hope for him is, whatever those choices that he’s making, that they’re healthy choices and they’re good for him as a person,” he said.

McCown also complimented Manziel for how he handled his demotion and arrived at team facilities ready to work after he lost the starting job.