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NFL Network solicits Twitter questions for Jerry Jones, things go poorly


With Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones making an appearance on NFL Network Wednesday, an idea was hatched to solicit questions on Twitter.

Suffice to say, given how snarky social media can be at times — or most of the time — things didn’t go so well in many respects, as Jones was blasted for his shortcomings as the Cowboys chief decision-maker as well as his decision to sign Greg Hardy to a contract in the offseason and his insistence to show support for the defensive endalthough he’s backtracked a bit since — amid numerous controversies.

The Dallas Morning News culled some of the best — or worst — questions submitted via Twitter. Here are some of the more amusing … or troubling.

As noted in the report, many serious inquiries were made via the hashtag. Odds are certain those made the cut and got on-the-air and the ones noted above did not.

To get a full picture of the bedlam that occurred via the #AskJerryJones hashtag, click here. But be forewarned: Some of the submissions serve the epitome of NSFW.