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Kristaps Porzingis really wants to meet Turtle from ‘Entourage’


Kristaps Porzingis is quickly developing into an NBA star right before our eyes, arguably faster than the league’s most renowned pundits and experts predicted. And his rapid ascension to fame while playing in the biggest media market in the world with the New York Knicks has afforded him an even higher profile, something he hopes may help give him the chance to meet one of his Hollywood heroes.

That said, the identity of the star he’s most eager to meet is an interesting one: Jerry Ferrara, the actor who played the character Turtle on “Entourage,” the HBO series-turned-major motion picture.

“I’ve seen his movies. I know he is a fan of me,” Porzingis told MSG Network when asked which celebrity he’s most eager to meet, via Page Six. “He was tweeting some stuff about me, so I know he supports me … I should invite him to our games.”

He also mentioned that his favorite place to eat in New York, despite the myriad options afforded him, was the Cheesecake Factory.

“They have millions of different cheesecakes,” he pointed out. “So I’ll guess I’ll have to try them all!”

All things considered, perhaps it shouldn’t be all that surprising that Porzingis’ tastes in American culture are … interesting and involve an admiration for an actor from “Entourage” and chain restaurants. After all, this is a guy who became familiar with American culture by reading World Star Hip Hop and once rocked cornrows as a youngster, because as he explained it, “All the girls loved it.”