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Blue Jays fans create website in effort to keep David Price


A contingent of Toronto Blue Jays backers became the latest example of how fans will launch grassroots efforts to make sure their voices are heard. With David Price being one of the most coveted free agents on the market, Blue Jays fans want to make it clear to the pitcher — and the organization — that he’s wanted back next season.

The fans have launched a website called Any Price for David on which offers the opportunity to submit a proposed clause in Price’s contract to help convince him to stay sign with the Blue Jays.


There have been over 6,500 clauses submitted on the site, with suggestions ranging from lighthearted and humorous to downright silly.

Offer include walking Price’s beloved dog, Astro, every night and providing him with food. Others pledge 100 percent commitment to the Blue Jays, including every single home game. And even others involve providing personal services to Price, such as cooking his meals and doing his laundry. And there’s even at least couple that involve running around naked and chugging shampoo, albeit not at the same time.

Price only arrived in Toronto following a July 30 trade from the Detroit Tigers, but his stellar regular-season performance for the squad left an indelible impression on the team’s fan base, as he posted a stellar 9-1 record in 11 starts while posting a 2.30 ERA. He did struggle a bit in the postseason, posting a 6.17 ERA in three starts and one appearance in relief, but Jays fans clearly saw enough out of him to hope for his return.

In any event, there’s a slight chance the website-based movement could help convince Price to remain with the Blue Jays, so long as he and the team can come to a mutually agreeable contract. Either way, odds are good Price won’t have to travel to Japan to play baseball, as he so humorously joked in a tweet earlier this week.