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Alexander Ovechkin lugs around his own giant bobblehead (pics)


Alexander Ovechkin is without a doubt one of the most talented NHL players of this era and perhaps even of all-time. He’s also one of the more eccentric athletes to ever strap on the skates, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to see the Washington Capitals superstar recently spotted lugging around a giant bobblehead doppelganger of himself.

That thing is ginormous. Here’s a few more photos of Ovi carrying his little buddy to the car.

Fantastic. And perfectly fitting, really. After all, this is the same guy who, when asked about space travel, said, “I am doing all right staying on Earth.”

Perhaps he’ll shoot up his Ginormous Alexander Ovechkin Doppleganger up into orbit as the world’s first space-traveling bobblehead cosmonaut.

Stranger things have happened. Maybe.

Either way, it’s safe to assume that Ovi and his Mini Me Figurine got into some amusing hijinks following being spotted.