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Report: Peyton Manning ‘incensed’ over talk concerning 2016 plans


A report surfaced Sunday night that indicated Peyton Manning, who struggled mightily this season before being sat due to injuries, intends to play beyond this year with added speculation that he plans to suit up for another NFL season whether it be with the Denver Broncos or some other team. And those reports allegedly have angered the veteran quarterback.

The original reporting, provided by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, suggests that sources have indicated Manning not only is “absolutely determined” to get healthy enough to return as soon as possible, he has designs to play again next season, with the Broncos or otherwise, something that has “incensed” Manning, per Mike Klis of Denver’s 9 News.

Given Manning’s up-in-the-air status in the coming weeks, much less next season, the belief he already has designs on plans for next season of course is putting the metaphorical cart before the horse … or Bronco, as it were. Florio later amended his original reporting by saying Manning has informed his Broncos teammates of said plans.

Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak on Monday completely blew off the reports regarding Manning’s plans beyond this season.

“I can just tell you for there to be any rumors or anything he said that his mindset is anywhere other than getting healthy and helping this football team, I can tell you is totally false,” he said, via Pro Football Talk.

The Broncos already have announced that Brock Osweiler, who filled in capably for Manning in Denver’s 17-15 win over the Chicago Bears, will again get the nod to start in next Sunday’s showdown with the New England Patriots.

Manning, currently dealing with plantar fasciitis as well as a rib injury, has an uncertain future at best with the team. The prevailng speculation is he may never regain his starting job should Osweiler continue to play well. Kubiak, meanwhile, continues to play everything related to the team’s quarterback position close to the vest.

We’re day to day, week to week,” Kubiak said of Manning’s short- and long-term future.