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LeBron James sends letter to 1,000+ kids in his mentorship program


LeBron James got the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving off to a great start to the over-1,000 Akron-area children in his mentorship program by sending a letter to all of those involved in his LeBron James Family Foundation.

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar on Nov. 12 signed letters for each of the children in the program, a correspondence in which he discusses what he is thankful for on Thanksgiving as well as provides a pep talk of sorts to any kid who finds themselves struggling. He also mentions First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit and the announcement in August of his foundation’s program that guarantees beginning in 2021 any graduate from an Akron Public high school a full scholarship to attend the University of Akron.


The letter reads:

Thanksgiving is already here … has this school year flown by for you like the first part of the season has flown by for me? I have gotten some reports that some of my Wheels for Ed and Akron I PROMISE Network kids are doing AWESOME. I have also heard about some students who are struggling. You know what we say… WE ARE FAMILY and I want to make sure that we stick together like a family. So let’s help one another to work hard and make good choices.

This is a season to be thankful. I am thankful for my family, my friends, my huge support system, and my kids in Akron. We have so much to be thankful for here in Akron … we’ve had some pretty amazing opportunities this fall from the scholarship announcement to the First Lady visiting us. I know if we all commit to continuing to work hard, it’s going to keep getting better! From my family to yours, we wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

James has always been fully committed to the kids in Akron and this thoughtful letter simply provides more evidence of his dedication to improving the lives of the young people in his hometown.

(letter image via Northeast Ohio Media Group)