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Cam Newton hosts 900 kids at annual ‘Thanksgiving Jam’ (pic/vid)


Cam Newton carries himself like he’s a kid at heart, so it’s no surprise that he’s more than willing to let loose in front of hundreds of children with his antics during his wildly popular “Cam’s Thanksgiving Jam,” an event held for the fourth time on Monday night during which 900 children were fed and entertained by the enigmatic Carolina Panthers quarterback.

The festivities, coming one day after Newton led the Panthers to a 10-0 record courtesy of a five-touchdown-pass performance in a 44-16 thrashing of the Washington Redskins — involved musical chairs, skipping and a whole bunch of dancing, which of course meant “dabbing” was involved.

“When I see kids doing a dance, whether it’s the dab, the Nae Nae, the Twist, the Harlem Shake, the list goes on,” Newton said, via ESPN. “… that type of energy can’t be matched.

“And that’s what people don’t understand that critique the negativity about it. It puts a smile on my face, and you can’t ask for much more.”

Newton became the target of criticism recently after his extended celebratory touchdown dance drew the ire of the Panthers’ opponent, the Tennessee Titans, along with condemnation from football purists — and one irate mother of a young girl — who believe the quarterback’s on-field antics are a bit over the top.

Newton simply stated in the midst of the controversy that dancing takes him to his “happy place.”

But the debate surrounding whether Newton’s histrionic celebrations are in poor form were set aside for one night as he fraternized with 900 children at his annual event, something that brought smiles to everyone in attendance.