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Panthers troll Redskins on Twitter, invoke Kirk Cousins’ catchphrase


The Carolina Panthers throttled the Washington Redskins on Sunday courtesy of a convincing 44-16 victory and improved the team to perfect 10-0 on the season. If it wasn’t a demoralizing enough loss for Washington, the fact that Carolina took to Twitter to rub it in simply added insult to injury.

The Panthers’ tweet celebrating the win both trolled the Redskins over how the organization lost its federal trademark registration related to the team’s name but also invoked quarterback Kirk Cousins’ popular new catchphrase.

Cousins of course started a craze when he screamed “Do you like that! Do you like that!” as he walked past a reporter following Washington’s 31-30 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Oct. 25.

The Panthers’ social media-based trolling of the Redskins actually started a day earlier when Carolina mocked Washington with a tweet about Carolina being “Redskins Country.”

That’s some pretty serious trolling right there. And even handing a demoralizing loss to the Redskins apparently didn’t satiate the Panthers’ thirst for continued taunting.