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LeBron James: I ‘bust out laughing at’ Mechanic LeBron meme


LeBron James took to Instagram to praise “Mechanic LeBron,” the latest meme created about him. Some wisenheimer treated up an image of LeBron to make him appear to be a cigarette-smoking mechanic, something so amusing the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar gushed over it.

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“Hahahahaha!!!! Man ya’ll gotta chill on these memes for real. I really just bust out laughing at this. Smh!” James wrote on Instagram, adding a take on his usual #StrivingForGreatness hashtag with #MustachIsStrivingForGreatness. He also made it clear that he was not endorsing the use of tobacco by re-posting the image, adding #IDontCondoneSmokingByTheWay hashtag.

It’s refreshing to see that James still has a sense of humor given how he had such an eventful weekend on the court. He was responsible for the Cavs being assessed a technical foul during Saturday’s 109-97 win over the Atlanta Hawks after angrily walking off the court without allowing Richard Jefferson time to reach the scorer’s table, resulting in the team playing 4-on-5.

The pressure James puts on himself due to being the team’s unquestioned leader has been noticeable this season, so it’s great to see he can nevertheless appreciated the whimsical nature of an amusing meme created at his expense.